Geek Nation Tours Releases its Germany and Essen Spiel Tour

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Geek Nation Tours Releases its Germany and Essen Spiel Tour

Postby TIC » 01 Feb 2015, 23:02

Geek Nation Tours will be off to a huge mecca for boardgame geeks in October 2015 – Essen Spiel Germany. Game to your heart’s content at the Internationale Spieltage Spiel. Four days of one of the world’s biggest gaming conventions for board gaming, role playing games, card games and much much more. There will be gaming designers and publishers demonstrating their newest games, retailers selling games at discount, live action role playing, computer games and comic books. Essen Spiel forms the anchor of our 14 day tour, but if you think the tour will be just “Pass the dice” and “It’s your turn!” you have another thing coming!

Join us for the pinnacle of all gaming tour experiences as we travel to Oktoberfest itself to eat bratwurst and drink beer (and if you love beer, the tour will offer many more such experiences as we stop at no less than five Breweries and one Hofbrauhaus). What’s more, we will game all through the tour and offer German themed games each day, gaming with the local community when we can. We will even cruise down the Rhine, visit Neuschwannstein and the Koln Cathedral, see games being built at the Ludo Fact game factory, visit the teddy bears at the Steiff Museum (everybody loves teddy bears) and much much more, before we crash the gates of the Essen Internationale Spiel. We are very excited about this tour as it will take place once every two years and 2015 is our maiden voyage to this event. So join us and mark off Oktoberfest, cruising down the Rhine and Essen off your bucket list!

For more information visit the full tour description here: ... 1&tourid=5

To secure a spot with no purchase necessary book here:

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at:

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Good gaming!

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Re: Geek Nation Tours Releases its Germany and Essen Spiel Tour

Postby vashu » 02 Feb 2015, 08:27

This is insanely cool, too bad I won't be able to attend this year. I hope it becomes a huge hit so I can be part of it in 2017.
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